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R&D&I Vision

The vision of Grupo SANJOSE is to continue to be a benchmark in our sector, using research, development and innovation as tools for the continuous improvement of our services.

Grupo SANJOSE's R&D&I is focused on obtaining innovative knowledge that translates into a differentiating factor and a competitive advantage for clients, a service of excellence, differentiated and unique, tailored to clients and contributing to the generation of value for stakeholders.

R&D&I strategy

The main streams of actions of the R&D&I strategy focus on the application of new construction techniques, the optimisation of processes, business models and services, and the use of innovation as a concept and tool to search for new opportunities for improvement, being available to all interested parties on the Group's website.

The strategy takes into account the outcome of internal and external analysis, and the expectations and needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Within the scope of these Committees and based on this strategy, the R&D&I Policy, human resources guidelines, potential collaborations with third parties and the management of intangible assets and intellectual property are analysed.

> R&D&I policy

In order to facilitate the detection of opportunities, generating innovative ideas and the development of R&D activities, a R&D Management System following the guidelines set out in the standard UNE 166002 and having obtained the AENOR recognition through certification in the following companies has been implemented:

Certificate: R+D+i | Number: IDI-0056/2010

We focus innovation mainly to activities related to clients. R&D&I efforts focus, among other, on:

  • Innovative technologies applicable to the execution of works, which improve productivity rates and solve out any technical problems.
  • To improve the durability and safety of construction works
  • To improve the performance of traditional materials.
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Industrial automatation and maintenance of facilities
  • Design and development of software
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Detailed attention to Occupational Risk Prevention policies.

Within the technology field, and for information purposes only, the following projects are detailed:

  • Fixed and automatic system for the detection and dissipation of fog by precipitation through hygroscopic agents. The project has been developed by Constructora San José S.A. and is supported by CDTI, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multi-Regional Operational Programme for Intelligent Growth.
  • Analysis of structural behavior in road pavements.
  • Experimental study of high performance concrete and improved concrete.
  • Experimental study of high performance concrete and improved concrete.
  • Acoustic insulation systems for working sites.
  • Action protocols for blasting close to transport means and structures.
  • Monitoring systems for tensioning cables.
  • Analysis and development of new vegetable species for urban gardens.
  • Efficient thermal and PV solar plants minimising the environmental impact.
  • Development of new energy efficient systems for sustainable buildings.
  • New anchoring systems for facades.